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Wellness Exams

Why we Recommend Annual Wellness Exams

Bringing your pets to the Veterinarian for a wellness exam every year is the smartest and easiest way to
keep them healthy and happy. A wellness examination is an overall general health assessment by a
licensed Veterinarian along with diagnostic testing that may include bloodwork, urinalysis or checking
stool samples for intestinal parasites. A wellness exam is recommended for all pets at least yearly.

Wellness exams will allow your Veterinarian to detect any problems before they become severe or costly. This includes heart murmurs, tumors, enlarged organs, cataracts, ear infections, dental and gum disease, skin issues and much more. Keep in mind, since our pets age much more quickly than humans, yearly visits will ensure you a clean bill of health and most of all, peace of mind.

Dr. Natela, a veterinary technician and a doodle puppy

During a wellness exam, your veterinarian will check the muscular and skeletal health of your pet by feeling for healthy muscle mass and joint pain. The neurologic system is also evaluated, abnormalities could indicate birth defects in young pets or the start of any problems in older patients.

An appropriate weight and lifestyle for your pet’s age will be discussed. Your veterinarian will also evaluate the skin and coat condition for overall skin health, lymph nodes, and vital signs. Any abnormal readings or swollen nodes could signify an illness.

Your pets can’t tell us what’s wrong. However, routine wellness exams can help your vet find any problems or diseases you might not have otherwise picked up on. Bring your pets to a veterinarian at BVL Veterinary Hospital and we will provide excellent quality care for each individual pet. Your beloved fur babies deserve the best and highest quality of health and care. We will make it easy for you!

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